The services Per Groeneveld is offering, vary but are not limited, from remote advice and on spot guidance of specialised operations and technical research on board of a vessel.

Examples of the kind of services Per Groeneveld may take care of:

  1. Guidance of specialized operations on board of a vessel.
    The crew on board of a vessel does not often perform several specialized operations, by example change of grade. Time can be lost and cost can be high if these operations are not done correctly. Joining the vessel and guiding the chief officer in charge will optimise the operation. This may result in a smooth operation, less fatigue for the officer on board and time / cost reduction.
  2. Research on board during technical problems with liquefied gas systems.
    Research of a problem at a distance or at location can get the vessel running again as soon as possible. Per Groeneveld executed quite a few technical researches during the last years, specialised on cascade ethylene cooling systems and PSA nitrogen systems. These researches may be made in advance to avoid breakdown or when problems occur.
  3. Training of officers in practical gas plant operation.
    During the last years Per Groeneveld trained several officers in the operation of the gas plant. Mostly the training is given on board in the practical operation of the technical gas systems.
  4. Advice in projects.
    Depending on the kind of project my experience may be used to optimise new business projects.

Please contact Per Groeneveld for specific inquiries for services, training or research. All requests will be discussed with you individually, to see if they can be performed with the experience of Per Groeneveld.


Per Groeneveld developed himself in a shipping company with small and midsize liquefied gas carriers from apprentice to chief officer during several years. In this period he gained a lot of knowledge about all the technical processes on board of LPG, Ethylene and LNG tankers.

He evolved himself to a chief officer with a lot of knowledge, capable of solving technical problems and training and teaching other officers. His deep interest in technical systems together with his background of engineering bachelor degree resulted in enormous knowledge and experience.

He has been working as trainer for officers on board of LPG, Ethylene and LNG tankers and as trouble-shooter of complex technical problems, with a specialisation on Ethylene vessels, for the last years.

Current licences:

  • Chief officer (no limitations)
  • Gas tanker specialisation


  • Bachelor of maritime operation (including engine room licence and navigation licence)


Per Groeneveld
Bachelor of maritime operations

Tell:                            +31 6 53537836